Nan, I thought you should know

How will the religious voters cast their votes? It does seem the White evangelicals are tied to the hip with Trump. He has done a lot of what he promised them and could still achieve more if reelected. Whether these things benefit most Americans is for you to tell us.

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44 thoughts on “Nan, I thought you should know

  1. Trump is so full of kindness, love, and empathy, how could a decent, Christ-loving Christian not vote for him? He’s cured covid-19 in the US; put an end to racism here, and made the country open and loving toward all people regardless of religious belief or background. Trump is love incarnate. The Christ reborn in modern times. What a wonderful, wonderful man he is. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Nan says:

    The very fact that these “evangelicals” believe in some invisible airy-fairy being, who lives somewhere “up there” and who “talks” to them through the muscles of their heart and/or the neurons of their brain, totally demonstrates their intelligence level. Thus, their support of the orange-faced nincompoop is not at all surprising.

    Besides, it’s more than clear they (and Gawd) have forgiven him for all his past indiscretions and believe he’s now a true Christian at heart. So goodness sakes! Certainly he’s the one to continue leading this country and bring us all to our knees in forgiveness.

    Amen. Amen. And A-women.

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  3. Ron says:

    According to Pew Research, white evangelicals now only account for 16% of the adult American population, while the number of “nones” has risen to 26%; so the real question is: how will the other 84% be voting?

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    • makagutu says:

      Good question. Only your countrymen and women can answer


      • Ron says:

        I think Mr. Trump will win a second term because:

        – Joe Biden can’t remember what day it is or what city he’s in, and
        – the progressive faction of the Democratic party has lost the plot.


        • makagutu says:

          I think Trump will win because there is a majority of Americans who think he is good for the country


          • Yep. No way Trump loses. I live in a country of raging fucking idiots. Half the people who can vote, don’t. And a majority of those who can look at Trump and say, “Yep! THAT’S my guy!!!” Fucking idiots. Also, Trump will do all within his power and the power of Barr’s Justice Dept to ensure votes are suppressed and delayed so his chances will be at around…oh…say…100%. However, mine is not the main opinion on this matter. Polls look awful for our Princess ‘n Chief. Doesn’t matter. Trump wins and America will finally be the broken 3rd world country I’m confident it can be. You go MAGA folks!!! Now, I’m off to run my campaign of gassing and cremating the poor, the disabled, illegal immigrants, Biden supporters, liberals in general, atheists, and all other stains on my great, Christian land. We can’t be free until ALL of these fucking parasites are “taken care of.” Permanently. GO TRUMP!!!

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            • makagutu says:

              Actually I forgot about voter suppression. There are many things working for Trump. Beating him might not be easy even with the bungling of covid response which we all know is a hoax

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              • Actually, it’s his bungling of covid that, IMO, makes him vulnerable and makes my certainty that he will win…well…less certain than it was in Feb. However, until he doesn’t win, I say he’s unbeatable. God-like. A dynamo of excellence so superb that he can clearly say things like “Man, Woman, Person, Camera, TV” and have 65 million idiots cheer it on as if it is not only brilliant but profound and meaningful. I live in a country filled with Christians…..OOPS….I meant idiots. (Sorry).

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  4. shelldigger says:

    The only cure for stupid is either epiphany or death. And they will all die morons. Any self proclaimed x-ian who would vote for the orange idiot has been sleeping through the sermons they attend.

    Hypocrites love being hypocrites. Badge of fucking honor.

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  5. basenjibrian says:

    Awwwww. We need tiledb to come and concern troll us about how it is all about how the Eastern Northern Ohio Community College Social Justice Club was mean, mean I tell you, to some avowed Nazis last year (according to the endlessly circulated story on Sinclair Broadcasting and Breitbart). THAT is the reason for Trump.

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  6. Despite the support from white evangelicals, Trump is still doing worse in polling right now against Biden. Things are a lot worse for the GOP this election overall right now. Here in Alabama, the GOP candidate for senate is leading the incumbent Democrat by about 10 points. He should be winning by about 30.

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    • makagutu says:

      Trump might survive the bad polls. The others maybe not


      • I think he’ll win handily, but, I must say, my opinion is in the minority here, and Covid-19, something Trump was and is totally unprepared for, is kicking his ass. He’s losing points among the elderly, AND, he’s literally losing the elderly as they are dying from Covid, this is very bad for him. However, he will win and I’ll say that and be prepared for it until he doesn’t. When he does, all I can say is, “World, you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!”

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      • Right now, the data and analysis I’m seeing from FiveThirtyEight is pretty promising. They accurately predicted how Trump’s win would happen in 2016.

        Trump’s only chance right now is to hope that he can blame Democrats for the suffering he’s caused. That’s not likely at all.

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    • basenjibrian says:

      Sadly, though, 10% means that another hard right religious nut and (closet) racist goes to Washington. And remember that the Democratic incumbent barely beat one of the creepiest men in recent Senate history, But you know all this.


      • I understand the worry, but Trump being reelected might not guarantee a GOP majority in the Senate, and thereโ€™s no indication the GOP will get its majority back in the House. Historically, if he gets reelected, itโ€™s going to push Congress further to the left. And Congress can do things to limit the damage of a 2d Trump presidency.

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