On how to treat Gentiles

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On how to treat Gentiles has such great advice as

If a Jew is chasing a gentile in order to murder him, it is forbidden to kill the Jew in order to save the gentile, even if there is no other way to save the gentile’s life. A person who kills the Jewish pursuer in order to save the gentile’s life must be put to death. But if a gentile (or a Jew) is chasing a Jew in order to murder him, one must kill the pursuer in order to save the pursued person (if there is no other way to save his life). This law applies to a ger toshav as well.

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Bacon and God’s wrath

Here is  a video on the reflections of a  90 year old Jewish woman on her life’s experiences as she prepares to try bacon for the first time.

For those not internet savvy, Ark, I am looking at you, this should have the directions

I particularly like her comment on faith. She says, and I agree, it doesn’t take courage to have faith.

Hitler: an atheist or not?

A good friend of mine shared with me  a brilliant post on Hitler, the Catholic church and its rich history as the gentleman wanted us to believe about his [sic]holy mother church. Many of you are aware of the accusation that Hitler was an atheist and the Nazi manifesto in part to exterminate the Jews was driven by atheistic attitudes. Some of you by now know that this is false.

If the Roman Catholic Church is rich in anything, then it must be its rich history of blood-letting either directly or by delegation and in many cases by turning a blind eye to it. In our most recent history, you are aware some members of the clergy were culpable in the Rwandan genocide that left several thousand people dead, maimed and displaced.

And for those of you not in the know, here is a piece of history will surely like.