A question for atheists

Well, they are many questions and accusations. I think the OP can’t count or forgot they had several questions to ask.

  1. Which leads to my question for atheists: where do you get your faith? What faith?
  2. But to look out at creation and proclaim: “I know there is no Creator!” is beyond me. How do you know? This is a loaded question. The author has assumed that the universe was created. I can easily ask, apart from the mention in religious books, how else have you come to the conclusion the universe was created?
  3. How can one ever be 100% convinced that God does not exist? The same way I know a fronkey doesn’t exist
  4. Atheists cannot explain the origin of the universe. They don’t have to and doesn’t make them less atheist
  5. Atheists cannot explain the origin of life. Neither can you and this is not an argument against atheism
  6. Ironically, atheism is not without its crowned saint – Charles Darwin.- No, saints belong to the church. He was an eminent scientist and naturalist. Get used to it.
  7. So what explains atheism’s appeal, especially among the young, urban, and educated? In the words of Ernest Hemingway, all thinking men are atheists. Or Henri D’Holdbach, ignorance of nature gave birth to gods, knowledge of nature is calculated to destroy them

From here, the OP goes downhill, never to be rescued. He claims we are atheists because we want to be our own gods. I know I don’t want to be a god, though being Dionysus wouldn’t be so bad. And I find nothing really wrong at having a laugh at the ignorant masses when they make their god representatives rich as they wallow in poverty.

And this canard about atrocities committed in the 20th century by atheists gets boring. I can easily point one to Catholic Rwanda where neighbour turned against neighbour or Congo where Christians and Muslims are slowly decimating each other or Kenya where Christians butchered each other in the name of their political godfathers. If secular men and women have gone to war or butchered each other, I am almost certain it wasn’t for their disbelief. The religious wars on the other hand have been fought in the name of gods.

And no theist post would end without this accusation, either directly or indirectly

This is not to say that atheists are bad people—far from it. There can be and have been many good atheists or agnostics, just as there have been religious people who nevertheless committed heinous crimes.

which is no argument against atheism.

But to write

 But to categorically deny the existence of a Creator is unscientific, and atheism requires far greater faith than Christianity.

is evidence of ignorance on the part of the author, ignorance that is incurable.