the love of some Christians and other stories

Pat Robertson is a reprehensible human being and he seems to even know the mind of the excuse of a deity he serves.

If this pastor has his way, attending a rock concert and getting killed isn’t really as tragic as the rest of the world thinks.

And if you think only theists think atheism is a matter of faith, think again. Ijeoma Oluo, writing in the Guardian writes

I came to atheism the way that many Christians come to Christianity – through faith.

She continues to write

But my conviction that there is no God is nonetheless a leap of faith. Just as we have been unable to prove there is a God, we have also been unable to prove that there isn’t one.

and I must suggest here that she really should re-examine her disbelief and her grounds for disbelief.

And finally in a case of irony, the author of this post, writes in conclusion of a long post

It was obvious that neither of them were interested in logic, or a rational discussion. Which was why we prayed for them, treated them with respect and encouraged them to try to seek God whenever they felt that they current beliefs didn’t work. Of course, both of them immediately rejected the latter proposal, but we pray that they indeed will remember it when such times comes. Apologetics is awesome, but for some it is meaningless. Some just need love and the Holy Spirit to find Christ.

And once you finish reading all these, I have a few questions

  1. What is new age atheism? Never heard it till I read this post.
  2. I have observed that in posts where I address multiple issues, only one or two issues are usually commented on. is it a case of information overload or confusing my audience?