The second coming is here

And it is not the one you are thinking of!

One of the things we do on this blog is to try to keep you informed on what is going on in the religious-land and I know some of you may already be aware that Jesus or rather a virgin birth has happened in our midst and it involves a nun.

Where are those atheists who don’t believe in miracles? Explain this one!

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

51 thoughts on “The second coming is here

  1. john zande says:

    Bad Gabriel! Baaaad, Gabriel!!!


  2. tildeb says:

    Obviously a miracle and anyone who doubts this must be immoral and suffer an eternity of pain and suffering. Free will!


  3. “Explain this one –“

    Well, see, first the Daddy bird finds the Momma bird, and they fall in love – I can’t believe your parents didn’t cover this with you Mak —


  4. lexborgia says:

    I wonder if she named him after his father! God likes them young so he isn’t the father.


  5. mixedupmeme says:

    I’m wondering what the reaction would have been if she “brought forth her first born daughter” instead of son.


  6. Jackie says:

    I find it so strange when a woman claims she didn’t realize she was pregnant until labor started.


  7. OK, I’ll confess folks. It was I who impregnated her using only the power of my great will and several cans of beer. I “willed” her to become pregnant with an alien boy baby who’ll grow up to be a bad ass superhero called, “Bad Ass Dude!” I’ve never met the mother, or even seen her, but I hope she’s a little bit hot at, least. I mean, I do have SOME standards on who I sleep with, even if it’s only with the power of my mind and from thousands of miles away.


  8. Would a nun who had sex admit it?


  9. Eric Alagan says:

    Definitely a miracle!

    Just hang on a moment while I try to stop my arxx from laughing.


  10. Sonel says:

    LOL! I just had to laugh and the funny thing is, it was named after the Pope. Makes you think hey?


  11. Ron says:


    ’tis fulfillment of Old Testicle prophecy. He shall be named:

    Joshua (aka “Hoshea” aka “Yehoshua” aka “Jesus”), son of Nun. (Numbers 27:18)

    It all makes sense now. I shall repent forthwith and go worship the new Christ child. Anyone know where I can find a supplier of quality frankincense and myrrh?


    • Just take gold – unlike American Express, it’s accepted everywhere. Better yet, just take him a Gift Card, then he can get what he likes.


    • makagutu says:

      I think this a NT prophecy. He shall come to judge the living and the dead. And don’t bother with myrrh, just ask for their phone number and do a mobile money transfer. That will do just finr


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