5 reasons why I will never be an atheist: A response

Friends, I think this is sad, very sad and where as there are those reason can at least reach, I would consider one of those lost cases. The author gives these reasons why they would not be atheist.

1. Prayer is an important part of my life

I have no beef with a person who thinks god answers their prayers. Having been brought up religious, I can tell you I haven’t had the need to pray since my deconversion and it doesn’t even bother me. This first reason should have been changed to read; I like to talk to myself and think that something is actually happening. Am afraid if I stop talking with myself, I will become a hopeless wreck.

2. I dislike the atheist mindset

Well, since I don’t know the atheist mindset and I know you too don’t, I will paste her words here.

There is a passage in Isaiah in which God reproves one saying, “I am, and there is no one besides me.” I feel like that would be my mindset as an atheist, and I want nothing to do with that.

We don’t know atheists who say that, so we will ignore it.

3. Atheism would close my mind.

We actually laughed when we read this. She tells us

Abandoning belief in God would close my mind. I see atheism as giving up higher thinking, as atheism does not take the time to understand why suffering and a good God both exist, for instance, while belief in God opens doors to reason. Atheism would limit possibilities and tend to small, rigid thinking for me.

Is there a way this person can be rescued from this self delusion? This statement is loaded, it assumes a god exist and that would explain why suffering exists. It is not the atheist problem that the theist has to deal with the problem of evil, no, far from it. The theist makes a claim that his god is good and all powerful, and evil exists. They must explain this anomaly. The atheist says shit does happen.

4. I need a relationship with god

I need to have a relationship with someone who knows everything about me and knows my life story. Believing in God the way I do means believing there is a being out there who truly understands me, and it means believing I always have a confidant, both of which I need.

We have no comment. This is a person who is ripe for slavery. Any slave masters out there?

5. I cannot imagine being an atheist

I sometimes, for fun, try to imagine being an atheist, and I just cannot do it. It is impossible for me to even imagine ending belief in God. My strong belief in God is a huge part of who I am, and I feel like abandoning belief in him would be like abandoning my identity.

Well, you are not very imaginative.

I really hope I did not offend atheists reading this;

Fortunately no. I only sympathise with you.

 I simply wanted to rule out at least one religious mindset as I figure out where I stand spiritually.

No, atheism is not a religion. We are non religious and without belief.

5 reasons I will never be an atheist



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18 thoughts on “5 reasons why I will never be an atheist: A response

  1. Mordanicus says:

    No, I am in no need of mindless slaves. As a republican I prefer to live in a society where people are able to mind their own business, and voluntarily cooperate with each other because they know that they are interdependent and not because they are told do something.


  2. That was painful. You know, I’ve no problem with this a person believing in their god. If you get value and meaning from that great. I don’t. I don’t understand the insistence by theists like the one who wrote this in defining for me who I am as a person. I see no evidence for the existence of gods, the Christian one included. thus, I’m a non-theist. It is not a religious faith to see no evidence for gods. I do not have faith that gods can not exist. I also do not have faith that Big Foot, Peter Pan, and Aliens exist. They may, but I see NO evidence that they do, so until then, for me, there’s no reason to think they do. None. If belief in magical shit does it for, amen. Good for you. I’m glad for you. But the minute you impose your belief system onto me and expect me to buy into it without a shred of supporting evidence behind you, and rhetoric IS NOT evidence, then you, theist person, can go fuck yourself. Imperious Rex!


    • makagutu says:

      I am thinking maybe this person is actually beginning to doubt their faith or are to ignorant about atheism.
      And they can believe whatever rocks their boat, I have no problem.


  3. Nope, nope, nope! THE primordial reason to remain a christian after being hooked/lured in, is GUILT and the FEAR OF DAMNATION if defecting/backsliding… All the side talk develops much like a self-defence mantra which must be repeated in order to be kept functional.
    No one knows the emotional oppression these people have to live with, fuelled by well paid “pastors” skinning them off their money and draining their last drops of dignity.
    Yes, slavery is the closest what these people chose to live by, for a bit of emotional relief…


  4. nice addressing of a strawman atheist that the author invented. Alas, deciding that she knows a god and knows what it wants seems to be the ultimate in being close minded.

    I’m always rather saddened that someone like the author decided that she needs someone to tell her what to do and that they must know all about her. It’s the fear that drives religion.


    • makagutu says:

      It is strange that these people see nothing wrong with agreeing to be slaves of a being they claim is all powerful, a tyrant in every sense of the word, no checks anywhere


  5. john zande says:

    “I need to have a relationship with someone who knows everything about me and knows my life story.”

    This is actually quite sad.


  6. violetwisp says:

    That was really funny, but I guess I have to agree with John that it’s kind of sad too. What a crazy bunch of reasons to be religious!


  7. shelldigger says:

    5 reasons i will Never Be Religious.

    1. Prayer, how one can do absolutely nothing and still manage to feel good about themselves.

    2. I dislike the Religious Mindset. The inability to reason when applying facts and critical thinking skills to investigate claims of magic and invisible dogs is somehow demeaning to me.

    3. Religion would close my mind to just about everything in the material world.

    4. I need a relationship with things that actually exist. Nuff said.

    5. I cannot imagine being religious. Tried it, didn’t take. Too many contradictions and hypocrites to suit me. Too many pat answers for complicated issues that never really were suitable.


  8. Should recommend to this person “50 Reasons People Give for Believing in A God” by Guy P. Harrison. Simply and reasonably refutes the main excuses religionists give. And he’s not the militant type, either, which gives his arguments even more merit.


  9. Ron says:

    According to her other posts, she has just recently abandoned Christianity. Though she remains a deist, I’m inclined to grant there’s a strong possibility her present stance will soften once she works things out. Based on my own experience, this could take several years.


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