Genesis 41

Pharaoh’s Dream

We are still in the theme of dreams and the scribes have gone a notch higher in the content and dreamer. The dreamer is Pharaoh and there is no one to interpret his dreams for him. The scribes have also improved their game, even though the dreamer is one, he has two dreams similar in structure but different only in detail.

The scribes here however seem to have missed the point in the last chapter that Joseph is the head honcho at the prison and enjoys the favours of the wardens so must have been well taken care of.  This being the case, the matter of Joseph having to shave and shower shouldn’t really arise.

Things turn out good for Joseph for the services he renders the Pharaoh. He is made second in command and rides with the Pharaoh. He is also given a wife and with whom he has two sons. All men in Egypt are to bow before him a parallel that we can make of Jesus being second to god and all bowing to him.

The problem that I have with this story however is that at the beginning of the Egyptian civilization they lived along the flood plains of the Nile River and so it is impossible to imagine a drought of 7 years. What happened to the river? Did it dry up and is there any evidence that would support the drying of Nile for 7 years in the last 2000 or so years? Any geologists please help.

Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream. Painting by Tissot

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