Christian morality

.. the most malevolent form of the will to the lie, the real Circe of mankind: that which has ruined it .It is not the error as error whose aspect fills me with terror, not the thousand year long lack of good -will of breeding , of bearing, of bravery in spiritual things which betrays itself in this victory–it is the lack of nature, it is the utterly dreadful fact that anti-nature itself took home the highest honors and has remained hanging over mankind as law, as categorical imperative! To blunder in this way not as an individual, not as a people, but as mankind in general! That contempt has been taught for the primary instincts in life, that a ‘soul’ a ‘spirit’ has been falsely invented in order to destroy the body , that people have been taught to feel something unclean in the prerequisite of life, in sexuality, that the evil principle has been sought in the deepest necessity for flourishing, in strict egoism[the very word is slanerous]; that conversely in the decline and instinct-contradiction, in being “selfless,” in the loss of center of gravity, in “depersonalization” and “neighbor-love” ( —neighbor mania!) one sees the higher value, what am I saying, the value in-itself! …What! Could mankind itself be in a state of décadence? Has it always been? What is certain is that it has been taught only décadence values as the highest values. The morality of self-negation is the morality of decline par excellence, the fact “I am going to ruin” translated into the imperative: “You shall all go to ruin” — and not only in the imperative!…This only morality that has been taught thus far,the morality of self-negation, reveals a will to the end, it negates life at its very foundation. — The possibility still remains that it is not mankind which is degenerating but only that parasitical species of man, the priest, who armed with morality has lied his way into a value determining position — who has divined in Christian morality his means to power…And indeed, this is my insight: the teachers, the leaders of mankind, the theologians one and all, have also been décadents one and all: hence the revaluation of all values into hostility toward life, hence morality…Definition of morality: morality — the idiosyncrasy of décadents, with the hidden agenda of revenging themselves upon life — and succeeding. I set great store on this definition.

F. Nietzsche