Thus spake Zarathustra

Well I just finished reading this book by Nietzsche. I have read two of his books so far and this to me was a bit of a difficult read but I was able to see his thoughts on morality, his relationships with colleagues, philosophers, women, freedom and other issues and most of all how I he saw himself in relation to all this.

The most enduring thing I will always remember is when he says to be superman, you must surpass man. He is asking we be eagles.

It’s a great read.

mistakes of god

He was also indistinct. How he raged at us, this wrath snorter, because we understood him badly! But why did he not speak more clearly?

And if the fault lay in our ears, why did he give us ears that heard him badly? If there was dirt in our ears, well! who put it in them?

Too much miscarried with him, this potter who had not learned thoroughly! That he took revenge on his pots and creations, however, because they turned out badly- that was a sin against GOOD TASTE.

F. Nietzsche