Not so pleasant news

Friends, those of you, who, like me, don’t watch TV and rely on other news sources maybe unaware of what is probably one of today’s big stories around the world concerning the motherland, maybe only second to the suicide bomber somewhere in the middle or far East who killed people at a funeral. There has been a security situation, I think as far as I can tell, the second of its kind, if you count the 2005 incident in which balaclava clad men raided a media station holding journalists hostage for a few hours, good thing no one was hurt, where armed and I think masked gunmen have raided a shopping mall and so far many people have lost their lives.

I feel sad for those in the middle of this mess and sorrow for all those who have lost loved ones in this incident maybe because it is death that hasn’t come naturally or in a way of their own choosing similar to all those who have lost lives in suicide attacks, malaria deaths, road accidents, and in of 1000 ways to die.

This situation made me think of this documentary

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More on the atheist’s god challenge

A few days ago, I did write a post where one christian apologist, Tim Koop, invited atheists and agnostics to a challenge which I pointed out was far from polite. Those atheists who have commented on his page have said a lot of things that he ought to have addressed but hasn’t but keeps delving deeper into buffoonery and idiocy, that only an idiot of the first degree, as M. Twain would say, can get into. 

I asked him, before we could continue with the challenge, to tell me what he thought god was. In his response, he told me god is the one who originally designed and created the world. This as you all know, is crap. It is only in the mind of one so steeped in religion who thinks the world was designed and created from nothing by his god. Such a response doesn’t tell us what god is but multiplies problems tenfold. We will ask, how did he create, what did he use and why did he create it among other questions. This however wasn’t the reason for his challenge. He wants us to say a few things to convince ourselves a god exists. I have a very simple question for him, what is god

After calling his response BS, he writes finally

Maybe you are blinded not only to the existence of God, but also to what he is. Try taking the test, but instead of testing yourself on how sure you are convinced in his existence or not, test yourself on how firm a definition you have of what he is.

(Comments are limited to 7 deep, so you get the last word)

which apart from being deeply condescending is really quite stupid. Tim, you can wear blinders all you want, maybe you want to go to heaven and sing hallelujah for eternity or maybe you are afraid the sky will come crushing down if you were to admit there really is no god. That is good for you! To expect me, to wear stupid blinders, then repeat some silly words for a month to test whether phantoms really do exist is to push your luck with me and am not going to try it. 

For your benefit, I have no belief in anything supernatural and I will not take your stupid test. Ask yourself, though, what the word god means to you. Is it so hard a question? And if it is not a hard question, then, provide an answer, but don’t tell me he did ABC. The world exists, I exist and these cannot be used to define what your god is. 

And what with warnings? Who is the administrator on your blog Tim. You can have the last word all you want.

Get your foolish blinders off, for that is what they are, and start answering some questions!