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We meet Celsus again asking a very potent question, similar, to that my friend Zande does ask, that is

Again, if God, like Jupiter in the comedy, should, on awaking from a lengthened slumber, desire to rescue the human race from evil, why did He send this Spirit of which you speak into one corner (of the earth)? He ought to have breathed it alike into many bodies, and have sent them out into all the world. Now the comic poet, to cause laughter in the theatre, wrote that Jupiter, after awakening, despatched Mercury to the Athenians and Lacedaemonians; but do not you think that you have made the Son of God more ridiculous in sending Him to the Jews?

And we want answers.

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13 thoughts on “Something to ponder

  1. Eric Alagan says:

    Ultimately, our beliefs are akin to farming – we reap what we sow – by the time it’s time to harvest – some of us might get a shock!


    • makagutu says:

      Hi Eric, hope you are well my friend.
      I came across a book title that I would love to read. It is titled Commonsense by Soham Swami. Could you by chance have come across a copy?
      Well, I hope they will not find out 🙂


  2. Liberty of Thinking says:

    From a rather historical-theological point of view, the “son of god” needed some foundational religion to be built upon, to suit not only as a justification to punish the annoying, rebellious Jews who just didn’t want to stay occupied, but also to provide a unifying spirituality for both the willing Jews, and the gentiles. This is why christianity was forged to appease all parties, providing also the legal means to eradicate the “resistance”. So they took the next in line “messiah” (as Gamaliel noted) and moulded everything according to the primary purpose. As things weren’t developing exactly as expected, they brought in Saul/Paul and his “conversion”, and through him, or rather in his name, compiled what has become the real NT, his “letters”. The OT, the gospels, etc. are there to provide a more or less credible reference basis for a developing “imperial” religion.
    If you check the “biblical” reference for nearly all church doctrines, you’ll notice everything to boil down to what “Paul” said, with everything else just paving the way.
    Academic theologians know well that in order to maintain some sort of “legality” of christian dogma and doctrine, they have to quietly resort to a clear double standard, or doublethink, which means they have to claim that the bible is “inspired”, but its “literal interpretation” remains subject to doctrinal interpretation, otherwise all “uncomfortable” passages would become mandatory. By this simple trick, “truth” can be adapted as needed, on the go…
    In mean time nevertheless, this should be the clearest indicator for anyone with an IQ higher than lettuce, that all bible based religions are man made, serving the agendas of their compilers.
    Think of a soap opera: they kill and resurrect characters and events as directed by the producer’s agendas, the real lives of their actors, economic and political events, etc. Time is never a problem, as long past events can be reinterpreted and thus recreated, by adding new, “never known before” details to the developing story.


    • makagutu says:

      Hey friend, hope you and yours are well.
      There is a lady who has kept me busy commenting on some thread here and believes strongly that YHWH is responsible for the good book and that the church officials have corrupted it. One wonders why a god would allow such a thing to happen.


      • Liberty of Thinking says:

        I have a sneaking suspicion about who is it about. Most of these groups are Hebrew/Aramaic restorationist, claiming that “true” christianity is about returning to the allegedly original faith of the first apostles, basically a “Jewish roots” movement. They are of so many colours that it becomes hard to keep a track of them, but a common denominator is the use of names as Yahweh, Yishua, Shaul, Yehuda etc. Some keep strict kosher, reject “pagan” festivals as X’mas and Easter in favour of Jewish annual feasts, some wear kippot, etc. And they are extremely hard to convince, as they know their texts fairly well…


  3. john zande says:

    Good to see I’m walking in the footprints of such a great mind!

    This point does seem to really frustrate the theist, although I have to admit, hearing the excuses proffered can be amusing 🙂


  4. Steven Clear says:

    It is better to accept that Zande is always right. Now, I know you want to say I am making Zande a god. First, that is silly, Second, that is silly. Zande is not a god because gods do not exist.

    Wecome to the real world.

    So ehh, Get over it, your lame argument for fake things is losing to our real argument for real people.

    If you only care about fake shit, this hurts me, but I have to say “FUCK OFF’. My life is about us. Not this or that…not what the fuck ever. just us.
    I am us.
    you are us.
    we are us.
    I hope you and I can learn to better life for ‘us’. Not you. I give no fuck about you.


  5. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Bravo! Especially if the deity is all-knowing, why, indeed, send the sacred messenger to a group of people who he already knew would kill him and reject him. The deity would have been better off sending multiple messengers to ALL! Thank you, my friend and guide! 🙂


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