13 reasons to be a theist

No, I haven’t become one. I think most Christian apologists are loonies. Take for instance this theist is offering in so many words 13 reasons not to be an atheist. If you have time click on the link.

The reasons below were given as support of why you shouldn’t be an atheist. I think they are good reasons to be a christian. I have endeavoured to summarize them as much as possible.

13. Because the atheist can’t live consistently with his claims, and that he needs to steal from other worldviews

We do this by

as long as the atheist continues to reason, or to assume the uniformity of nature, to assume past experience as reliable, to trust his cognitive faculties he is not reasoning within his worldview. Instead, the atheist must borrow from the Christian worldview whereby such things are grounded within the being and nature of a transcendent God

and I say bollocks.

12. Because of insurmountable improbabilities that defies atheism:

The universe is fine tuned, let’s be theists.

11.  Because the atheist has to delude himself daily:

by telling yourself your life has meaning, you are a deluded atheist. Stop that right away and start praying. God is the source of all meaning.

10. Because most atheists hold to the view of scientism

There are other ways of knowing and faith is one of them. Forget the scientific method, take your bible and start praying.

9.  Because of the presupposition of human dignity and worth

Since you kiss your wives and attend funerals of your friends you can no longer be atheists. You lying heathens, closeted theists you all!

8.  Because of the reality of miracles

Because you secretly believe in miracles, you can no longer be atheists.

7.  Because of uniformity in nature:

This is my best reason. Lions eat antelopes, antelopes eat shrubs and then finally all die and become worms. How can this beautiful uniformity not make you theists? Since the sun is likely to be shining tomorrow, there is a god. Silly atheists, stop denying god.

6. Because of the origin of life itself

It is irrational to believe that life came from non-life but it is ok to believe that a disembodied spirit created the universe by saying let there be. All atheists report to the church near you to be registered as members because all of you believe the universe was created 6K years ago.

5. Because truth seeking is not the ultimate good on atheism:

All atheists cannot be after truth even though this is part of being human. Friends, this

For instance, if seeking the truth on any given subject would diminish human flourishing then seeking that truth would be evil, and thus we would be morally obligated to avoid or suppress knowledge of that truth.

is at the apex of stupid. I can’t help but think what type of dunce writes such a thing?

4. Because to be a true atheist is impossible

Enough said, however, I will add this gem

I believe that a worldview is irrational if it needs to be redefined because it cannot bear the burden of proof it needs to carry – especially of those who claim to be an agnostic atheist

3. Because of Big Bang cosmology

Scientists looking through telescopes have seen brush marks in the cosmic microwave background radiation, evidence of a hand in the movement of galaxies which all points to an active strong and intelligent agency. You therefore cannot hold BB as true and be an atheist.

2. Because of a lack of moral motivation, on atheism

As an atheist, you have no reason to aspire to be moral. Only theists can do this and if any of you heathens has dreamt of being moral, you are a closet theist.

1. Because thoughts have no value, on atheism

I will let our interlocutor speak for himself.

On atheism all we are is matter, and our thinking is nothing but the misfiring of electrochemical processes in our brains. On top of this the atheist has to hold dogmatically that evolution supports his naturalism. Not only would this be unprovable but it can’t be used to dismiss God’s activity in the world, for God could have guided, overseen or initiated the process

From the foregoing, yours truly believes that the author of this post is a bozo who has lost all his wits

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