A window for truth

This is a public service announcement. The author of a window for truth and their audience think this about atheists’ memes

Atheist memes are among the most childish and unintellectual things on the internet; not to say all atheists are unthinking robots but the memes that prosper are generally the ones that state something the average atheist WANTS to believe is true.

They click “Like” as unthinkingly as an elderly Christian grandmother might proclaim “Halleluiah” when told to at a Billy Graham event. They react, but they don’t think before reacting.

They put down “sheep” and yet act like sheep.

But am putting the cart before the horse.

1. God sends no one to hell

Tell me, how could a mortal send an omnimax being out of their lives? How the fuck would you do that? Is this to say there are things god wants but can’t effect?

2. Even if you ignore my first point, who says God sends everyone to Hell for having an abortion?

In all honesty, this didn’t make sense.

3. Kills His only Son

I will let the author speak for himself and bold font added by us

First of all, it was Roman authorities who did the killing. They were urged on by manipulative religious authorities who felt threatened by Jesus, His popularity and His disregard for their petty religious rules and regulations. A suicide by the centurion and there is a big if. We have no evidence the fellow lived, forget the suicide.

Secondly, God allowed Jesus to die because a significant part of Jesus’s mission — many Christians would declare it was the most important part — was to be a sacrifice that would make up for all the wrong things we’ve done and all the right things we’ve failed to do. Well, it would do that for everyone who accepts the gift of Jesus. In this case, god was an accessory to the murder

Why was a death necessary? Because this “sinning” business is deadly stuff, far more lethal than most of us truly understand. And nothing we can do or say or think or pray can make up for all the wrong things we’ve done and the right things we’ve failed to do. All our efforts will always fall short. Always. Fuck! He is god. He could as well have said you sons of bitches and bastards are all forgiven. I mean he created the universe by saying let there be, how could forgiving people without killing others be harder?

He proposes at the end

Yes or no, post your thoughts below and let’s have a conversation.

and I pass that offer. What type of conversation do you have with a person in the deep end of stupid?

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

61 thoughts on “A window for truth

  1. ladysighs says:

    I really don’t care if somebody writes on their blog about their faith etc. It is their right/choice.
    What I get upset about is when there is something in the news about a violation of the constitution and Christian responders think they are being attacked. They don’t understand the law and rave on about atheists trying to take their rights away.
    The comments are ridiculous and nasty too.


    • makagutu says:

      Most of those commenting are ok with atheists going to hell, Mars or even North Korea or they put up and shut up


      • ladysighs says:

        And this is only one site with comments. 😦 It depresses me for sure…….in response to your other post about depression.


        • makagutu says:

          It’s depressing.


        • makagutu says:

          I have read almost all the comments and I think only this is sane

          Everyone has a right to believe or NOT believe. I am Christian, yet I will not force my belief on anyone else. There are times when religion is used as a weapon to force others to follow beliefs that are not theirs. Too many people believe their religion is the only religion. It is time to take religion out of government.

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          • Liberty of Thinking says:

            Unfortunately, religion cannot be taken out of government. Openly or not, religion IS government. If not present as a transcendent ingredient, it must be replaced by a religious-like respect/worship of a “supreme leader”, mostly present in nations aligned to extreme versions of Marxism-Leninism, e.g. North-Korea…
            As I said many times, atheism’s fundamental mistake is its unwillingness to consider the infinite cognitive capacity of the human mind. Mankind has unfortunately resorted to religion because its collective consciousness has trespassed a long time ago the limitations of its own understanding of the seen universe’s obvious endlessness. Matter is a humble shell for the infinity of the unseen.
            Poor and childish attempts to explain life in it’s infinite complexity, and I have to mention -to the dismay of my friends-, evolutionary sciences, are from an intellectual perspective, inferior even to some religiously backed attempts to explain it. This is why I profoundly respect Crick, who left open a door for an infinity worth its name.
            Philip Pullman is probably the first intellectual to have raised in his monumental “His Dark Materials” trilogy, issues truly compatible with the infinite nature of the mind.
            Sorry guys, but materialism cannot explain why every child would so much love to fly…


  2. Arkenaten says:

    * I consider the entire biblical narrative a work of fiction.

    *There has been a continuous christian diatribe asserting Jesus of Nazareth was crucified for blasphemy , which is utter nonsense.
    He was crucified for sedition.


    • makagutu says:

      I think so too.
      If he lived and was crucified, and taking the biblical account into consideration, I agree with you. The fellow was punished for disturbing the peace, nothing else.

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  3. aguywithoutboxers says:

    Why do those who follow a particular belief system always feel the need to belittle those believe differently? As one of those considered the most childish and unintellectual on the internet, why do I care about your beliefs?


  4. I’ve only one thing to say to this idjit: futue te ipsum.


  5. shelldigger says:

    Wow, the projection is strong in this one. Glaringly strong. I mean cover your eyes for a moment strong.

    Love your comebacks to the claims. You are correct, it is futile to try and have an intelligent conversation with people like this. Better for your own sanity to walk away.


  6. Thanks for your response and your opinions.. I’m happy to agree to disagree. While everyone is welcome to read Frank’s Cottage material, please note that material is meant for people who are open to spirituality.


  7. archaeopteryx1 says:

    I’m still waiting for the critics who say that the “something from nothing” theory is crazy, to tell me where their god came from – until they do that, we really have nothing to talk about. Special pleading simply doesn’t work.


    • makagutu says:

      That idiot SOM keeps asking atheists to explain something from nothing then goes on to praise the glory of his imaginary friend. Silly fellow, that man.


    • Liberty of Thinking says:

      God came from above, on spaceships seen as chariots of fire, to hand over rules and knowledge to a race developed to a stage where reason can replace impulse.
      Unfortunately, the powers to be needed subjects, not autonomous individuals. Hence religion…
      The Jesus cult is the one, greatest deception against reason. Without it, religions would have outgrown themselves into a form of science which would have developed not as a reaction to the dark ages, but as a comprehensive phisycal and metaphysical endeavour.


  8. Sonel says:

    You’re right Mak. Very deep end of stupid indeed. You can’t argue with stupid. 😛


  9. “Why was a death necessary? Because this “sinning” business is deadly stuff, far more lethal than most of us truly understand. And nothing we can do or say or think or pray can make up for all the wrong things we’ve done and the right things we’ve failed to do. All our efforts will always fall short. Always.”

    So shed your responsibility and give away your power, right? After all, that’s what scapegoats are for, right? I cringe when I read this memorized rhetoric that eventually created neural pathways and reinforced into neural networks.

    They haven’t a clue that they come across as extremely insecure and unempowered which is exactly what those in power, who strategically invented and shaped this religion, wanted. Isn’t it interesting how they are blinded — unable to see that their all-knowing god deliberately created them to fall?

    The power of indoctrination never ceases to amaze me.


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